Who we are

SATMED is a high quality e-health platform that is open, easy-to-use, readily available and accessible anywhere. It is the medical arm of emergency.lu, the disaster recovery communications platform created to improve the rapid response capabilities of rescue teams in areas hit by severe natural or human-made catastrophes. Building on this proven platform, SATMED has been tailored by the experience and expertise of non-governmental and governmental organisations, together with the innovative technologies of leading universities and IT companies in order to answer the needs of the global health community. Thus, SATMED is meant for a wide range of users including non-governmental and governmental organisations, hospitals, medical universities and global health institutions.

What we do

Generally speaking, SATMED aims to help healthcare providers make better use of information technology and mobile health solutions in remote and underdeveloped areas, particularly to support regional development programs and humanitarian operations. There are several barriers that currently exist when using health IT and e/m-health applications: the cost of purchasing and maintaining software applications and providing secure data management; inadequate user friendliness; poor interoperability between IT solutions; and limited availability in remote locations. SATMED overcomes these barriers by integrating within a single platform a wide range of capabilities, including access and storage of patient e-records, medical imaging, virtual consultation, e-learning, remote monitoring and e-health management. Furthermore, all tools can be accessed via a unique portal with a single user log-in and are available as web applications that can be readily used on desktop and handheld devices, without the need for a sophisticated local IT infrastructure. Last but not least, SATMED also provides services for data storage/back-up and satellite-enhanced internet connectivity.

Who we serve

SATMED is dedicated to assisting:

  • Non-governmental organisations that are providers of healthcare, education or health management services.
  • Governmental organisations that support regional development programs and humanitarian operations.
  • Institutes such as medical universities, hospitals and health management institutions.
SATMED: connecting the medical world together with its strategic partners.


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