Date of deployments: 06/2015 & 06/2016


  • Provides digital registration capabilities to simplify health records
  • Enhances medical quality control through health information management systems
  • Allows for more complex cases to be consulted upon from major units across the country

Fondation Follereau Luxembourg (FFL) has a long track record in Benin. One of its flagship projects is the district hospital in Allada, which is nationally and internationally renowned for its infectious disease and skin transplantation program (Úlcera de Buruli).

About three hours away by car, FFL built a brand new maternity hospital in a village called Ahozonnoude. In this maternity clinic, a midwife and assistant health workers take care of mother-child health at the level of delivery and post-delivery care. The maternity hospital is equipped with a small but modern sonography machine. Visiting doctors from the capital city Cotonou come to the maternity ward about every ten days for diagnostics (including imaging) and treatment.

The hospital also includes established birth houses (named “maternite”) that are managed by a senior and certified midwife (named “patron”). This midwife supervises health workers and continuously upgrades their qualification. Physicians are associated at centres where complex cases can be referred.

At the initial phase, SATMED is used for the digital registration of patients through a simplified health record system in order to improve quality control of performed health care. In addition, more complex cases can be uploaded to the consultancy tool and either discussed by the conferencing tool or reviewed by physicians at Allada or Cotonou. This will provide more security and allow for more timely referrals.

At Allada, the initial focus is on health information management systems. The aim is to enhance medical quality control. In addition, the e-learning tools and conferencing tools of SATMED will be used for teaching. In the long-term, FFL plans to extend this concept to additional health centres that are located in this region to create a network for sharing medical information (data level) and human resources (expertise of physicians).

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