Date of deployment: 04/2016


  • Provides conferencing facilities and data collection and analysis for CURE’s Clubfoot programme
  • Connects reliably to both the internet and CURE’s own cloud-based tools

The CURE Hôpital des Enfants au Niger in Niamey (CURE Niger) is part of the larger international charitable healthcare NGO, CURE International (CURE), which specialises in the care of children with surgically correctable conditions. Since 2010, CURE Niger has provided more than 3,000 surgeries in the areas of orthopaedics, plastics and reconstructive surgery, primarily serving children. Additionally, CURE has a strategic focus on innovation in information technology as a pathway to improve the quality and accessibility of surgical care for those with correctable conditions around the world.

The hospital currently has 70 staff members, including one surgeon, one anaesthesiologist and 19 nurses. In addition to its surgical services, the hospital also offers a range of ancillary services (Radiology, Laboratory, Pharmacy, and Physical Therapy). The hospital provides nearly 2,000 consultations per year (both at the hospital and in mobile clinics around the country), and performs around 700 surgeries per year, with patients coming from every region of Niger, as well as from neighbouring countries (Mali, Nigeria, Burkina Faso, etc.) in West Africa.

The hospital also serves as the host site for CURE’s Clubfoot programme in Niger, which consists of ten Clubfoot Clinics spread across Niger and one clinic in Burkina Faso that provide awareness, identification, education, treatment, and training in national and regional hospitals and clinics.

The CURE Niger hospital has gone through numerous, unreliable internet providers, limiting access to cloud-based solutions. The hospital’s main needs are for reliable connectivity, connectivity support services during outages, access to CURE’s additional cloud-based tools, collaboration with other pilot facilities, medical imaging visualization and on-field data collection and analysis. These local concerns, alongside the technical acumen and focus on innovation throughout their network-wide goals, make very suitable the conferencing, imaging vizualization and data collection/analysis tools of SATMED. 

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