Sierra Leone

Date of deployment: 12/2014


  • Enables internet access to isolated location
  • Powers migration from paper-based management systems to digital registrations
  • Provides e-learning capabilities for visiting German Doctors

Serabu Hospital is located in Bumpe Ngao chiefdom, one out of 15 chiefdoms in Bo District in Sierra Leone. The chiefdom has an estimated population of 48,600 inhabitants. Currently, the hospital provides quality health services to six chiefdoms, with an estimated population of between 60,000 and 70,000 inhabitants.

It has approximately 124 beds and an Outpatient Clinic which sees approximately 100 patients per day. The clinic is geographically isolated and has no access to higher level secondary care.

SATMED brought internet access to this isolated location. This was of particular importance during the Ebola outbreak, enabling the community to stay in contact with the medical staff, to gather actual information about the disease spread and to realize prevention measures accordingly. So far, the internet access provided by SATMED has had a great impact on the operations of the hospital during the difficult times of isolation of the Ebola outbreak.

As the situation is finally returning to a normal status, from early 2017 the SATMED team will start supporting the migration from a purely paper-based management system to the use of the SATMED tools starting from e-learning for structured teaching sessions with the support of the global German Doctors community and, in synergy with that, the consultancy tools. Further, the medium-term goal is to extend the use of e-health by digital registration of patients with a minimum of clinical information and by collecting health related data in the neighbouring villages by visiting teams (using mobile health management tools).

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