The consultancy tool is designed for users who want to exchange and share specific information related to a given patient or medical topic. This information can be based on text, laboratory results or medical images (radiology or pathology).

Typically, sharing information is done between two health professionals (physicians, nurses, health workers, technicians, students) or within a group of health professionals (for example, a forum which wants to discuss interesting cases). This sharing and discussion of interesting medical cases within an expert forum is one common form for continuous medical education and SATMED provides the consultancy tool as an easy way to realise such e-learning sessions. 

As well as providing conventional consultancy services, the consultancy tool can be used for teaching (for example, case discussion of interesting medical cases). In SATMED, the consultancy tool has a dedicated set-up function that allows users to design personalised text fields for key information to be exchanged (such as patient history, current medical problems, questions addressed to the consultant).

As stated above, medical images can be easily integrated into the consultancy tool, allowing a structured work for Teleradiology or Telepathology.

Key features

  • Use between two health professionals or within a group of health professionals
  • Easily set-up partners or group members due to take part in the consultancy
  • Set-up function which allows personalised text fields for key information to be designed
  • Option to keep all patient cases private or make them public if they do not contain any patient identifying information (like name or birth date)
  • Integrate medical images for teleradiology and telepathology
Figure – Set-up of a form in the consultancy tool.
Figure – e-consultancy tool case view.

Protection of patient privacy and data security

SATMED fully complies with international standards for the protection of data privacy, ensuring that data which would identify a patient (such as patient name, address, date/place of birth, etc.) is visible only to the treating physician and is not shared with any third party. In addition, such information is only processed through the internet in an encrypted manner.

The consultancy tool of SATMED provides several measures to protect the privacy of patient data:

Each group of information (record set) can be defined in ‘Settings’ as:

  • Confidential (non-visible for other users): Those text fields are not shared if the case is shared. Text fields will be stored in an encrypted manner and only the owner with the key can access them.
  • Non-confidential: If the case is shared, those fields will be shared as well, including with other users. The user needs to make sure that no confidential patient data (patient name, address, date/place of birth, etc.) is used in this case.