Moodle provides e-learning capabilities and is one of the tools available on SATMED. Moodle is one of the world’s most successful e-learning platforms used by millions of people. The highly flexible platform with customisable and secure learning management features can be used to create dynamic online courses and virtual classrooms.

As well as Moodle, SATMED provides two other tools related to e-learning:

  • Cloud Tool, which allows you to upload and share teaching material in a very easy manner.
  • Consultancy Tool, which is ideally suited for medical case demonstrations.

Key features

  • Create online courses for virtual classrooms
  • Upload teaching content (word, PDF, PowerPoint and videos)
  • Assess what has been learned with online tests and/or questionnaires
  • Interactive live sessions when combined with SATMED video-conferencing
Figure – e-learning, Moodle.